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Event Insurance, Five Star's Insurance

Five Star carries general liability coverage and will provide proof of insurance, when requested. Our certificate of insurance is on file with dozens of venues in our service area.

If your venue requires host liquor liability or if you want to be sure you, your guests and your property are properly covered, check out The Event Helper. They provide one day event insurance policies at very reasonable rates, tailored to meet your personal needs or your venue requirements. Just fill out the form found here and get a free quote now. You can purchase and print your certificate right away.


$40.00 per staff, per hour


TIPS Certified

Experienced and well-trained in classic and contemporary cocktail preparation

Trained in bar service etiquette

1 bartender can service up to 75 guests with a standard bar service of beer, wine and mixed drinks

additional staff will be needed for service of keg beer with manual pump taps or multi-step specialty cocktail preparation

Main duties:

setup rental bar or other bar stations

stock ordered beverage catering items

unpack rental glassware

stock and display provided alcohol

tap kegs (we DO NOT provide the taps)

ice down beer, wine and sodas

cut and prep cocktail garnishes

greet guests

check guest ID's

mix and serve cocktails

serve beer, wine and NA drinks

manage safe alcohol service

monitor alcohol consumption

deliver drinks to nearby tables

keep bar area tidy throughout service

empty bar trash bins as needed

seperate and bag returnables

announce last call

tear down rental bar

pack up leftover beer, wine and liquor

collect and rack rental glassware

sweep and mop floors behind the bar

take trash and recycling to bins

Bartender provided items:

drip mats for bar surface

ice bucket and scoop

shaker tins

mixing glasses

wine key

bottle opener

pour spouts for liquor 

citrus peeler 

knife and cutting board



stir spoon

cocktail size service tray

water pitcher

sanitary gloves

bar towels

Client provided items (if needed):

keg taps

keg coolers

all alcohol, liquor, beer or wine

WAITSTAFF servcies

$40.00 per staff, per hour


Serv-Safe Certified

Experienced and well-trained in buffet setup and hosted buffet service, family style service and formal plated dinner service

1 server can service up to 50 guests with a buffet service and up to 12 guests with a family style or formal plated dinner service

additional staff will be needed for events using rental dishes 

Main duties:

greet and direct guests

hang coats

unpack rental linens, dishes, glassware

properly place table settings

place tables linens

fold linen napkins

setup and maintain cold drink stations

pass trayed appetizers

serve formal, plated dinner service

serve family style, seated dinner service

setup buffet table, chafing dishes

replenish buffet food as needed

stock buffet plates and service items

setup and maintain coffee service station

setup dessert table and displays

clear guest tables throughout service

Waitstaff provided items:

cocktail size service tray

water pitcher

wine key

bottle opener

sanitary gloves

Client provided tools (if needed):

large dinner service trays

tray jacks

water pitchers or carafe for tables

Staff Service Restrictions

Alcohol ordering and delivery options

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